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Well we made it back alive! Shit, if Terror Detonator & Sardanapalm Death can return from a tour in one piece, then there would be a big problem if we couldn't make it! 10 days deep in noise and beer, horsemasks and goat skulls and a lot of kilometers later, we had absolutely a great fuckin' time! Met a lot of people who were kind enough to set us up with gigs, cook for us, let us crash at their places, come to our shows or simply have a good nice talk with a bunch of 9 really loud people. A whole lot of thanks, respect and appreciation to all of you!

In detail we would like to thank (hope I've spelled the names correctly...):
Janne, Faye and all the guys & gals from Stortebecker, Sickmark that we shared the stage with and also everyone from FS115 for letting us spend the night. Everyone at AJZ Bielefeld: Julian & Timon of Sickmark, Hannes, Julian & Jonas of Ruins, Cristian, Flo & Julian of Jungbluth, all the guys from November 13, Rainmaker & Somerset. Sepe, Karen, Luk and everyone who helped with the gig at Rock Cafe in Leuven, Bence, Attila and all the guys from Jack. Goldi and Ines from Gent, Priska & everyone from the Brouwerij crew, also Jack & Lektaminol that we shared the gig with. Opoe, Laura and everyone from BikeWars that set us up with a gig at the very last minute, also Kwstis and everyone from the greek crew that came to the gig. Lars, Myriam, Toben, Charlie and everyone at the Wagonplatz Querlenker crew and all the guys from the other place we spent the night. Again everyone from Stortebecker that let us stay there for antother night, also all guys & gals from Jungbluth & Finisterre. Hendrik and everyone from the Sturmglocke crew, also the bands we played with, Kerretta & Piss. Everyone from the crew of Kopi 137 squat in Berlin and Czosnek, the Polish band we played with.
Also Tomas, Aleska and the guy that brought us the van (sorry I can't remember the name) from Fluffwheels that set us up with the van. Obviously Christina, Chris, Jason, George and Shortpidis from Conspiracy of Denial and George II from Skomma for putting up with us for 10 days, only love for those guys & gal! Last but not least everyone that came to our shows and supported us in any way, cheers!

We'll be playing again with C.o.D. in Salonika at the end of May but first we'll play a show here in Patras (yes, yes, southwest!) this Friday. More on that soon. Also when we've gathered all the photos from the tour, we'll post some of them here...


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