Finally some new stuff crawls to the surface...

This is the benefit compilation album for the financial support of Patras' Prosecuted Comrades Fund, co-released by our home squat Prokat_35 along with the bands that have participated. Featuring unreleased tracks from Dirty Wombs, C.F.S., Terror Detonator, Sardanapalm Death, Fields Of Locust, Dala Sun, Σάρκα Στο Ζώο, Mass Culture, Zvarna along with our own "Στην Ιθάκη Των Άλλων" or "Ithaca".

500 copies of black 12" vinyl and it will soon be a collectively-worked CD format release. U can find some copies either through the bands or at Prokat_35 squat and soon at other non-profit distribution points. Keep an eye out!

Listen and download it for free through our bandcamp page or preferably here. Enter "0" at the "name your price" section, come on...u know the drill... If you wish to contribute, know that all proceeds will find their way to Patras' Prosecuted Comrades Fund.

More shit is on the way...
Το νου

  Λήθη, May 2016

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